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Follicular unit transplants have ushered in a new era in surgical hair replacement. Hairs grow from the scalp in natural groups called follicular units, containing from one to four hairs. Follicular unit grafting is the transplanting or moving these units to the bald or thinning areas.

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Why Tessler & Aronovitz?

Why would you trust anyone else?

You're visiting our web site because you are curious about a permanent, natural solution to hair-loss.

Among all of the choices for accomplishing a restored, youthful look, only the surgical approach is both permanent and natural.

At Tessler & Aronovitz, we have helped thousands of patients -- men and women from their late teens to their early 80's -- permanently restore their hair. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your particular situation with you.

Our personal goal is to retain our status among the very best and most respected hair replacement surgeons in the world. Dr. Aronovitz, for example, is the only physician in Michigan specializing in the field to have been named in The Best Doctors in America, (a health professional referral guide compiled by surveying the opinions of 5,000 physicians) from 1996 through 2013.

This and other professional accomplishments result from a dedication to knowledge that has taken us around the world with representatives of our skilled nursing staff to learn the latest, most effective surgical methods. Together, we and our staff offer superb surgical proficiency in a dignified caring environment.

We are often told by patients -- many of whom come from all over the world -- that they've "shopped around" and they were ultimately impressed with the startling differences between our clinic and others. This is a private practice with a stable, committed staff; not a unit in a franchise-style enterprise with rotating doctors and personnel.

When you come to our office you will have as much time as you need for your free consultation with the doctor, to determine whether or not you are a candidate for surgery and what specific procedures are best for your individual case. You may also take advantage of our video imaging system to help you visualize the results we can achieve.

We have assembled the content in this website to provide you an opportunity to privately review the information you require to make an enlightened decision. Please read it thoroughly and call us at
1-800-531-7117 or locally at (248) 353-1117. We encourage you to write down any questions that may occur to you. We will be pleased to answer them by phone, via email or in person during a private, complimentary consultation in our office during which we will evaluate your situation, consider your goals and describe a strategy individualized for you.


Dr. Leonard Aronovitz

Drs. Aronovitz have been carefully reviewed by www.hairtransplantnetwork.com, www.thebaldtruth.com, www.iahrs.org and www.hairlossdirect.com, and are highly recommended for doing outstanding hair transplantation. These online communities were created by and for patients to help people avoid pitfalls and find the best surgeons in their area.

    We have been performing successful hair replacement procedures since 1974.

    We will give you an honest, expert opinion. If you are not a surgical candidate, we will tell you so.

    As pioneers in follicular unit transplantation, Drs. Tessler & Aronovitz helped open the door to a new era in hair replacement surgery. It is the foundation of our practice.

    Most doctors in our community recommend us. Ask your doctor who is the best.
»"It's nice to go to a place where everyone is professional and listens to your needs."

- S.H., age 64

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