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Follicular unit transplants have ushered in a new era in surgical hair replacement. Hairs grow from the scalp in natural groups called follicular units, containing from one to four hairs. Follicular unit grafting is the transplanting or moving these units to the bald or thinning areas.

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Your Hair Transplant Glossary


follicle, or hair follicle a structure in the skin that is the growth center and produces a single hair

follicular unit a natural occurring structure in the skin that contains from one to four hair follicles and an oil gland

follicular unit extraction a method of removing follicular units from the skin (most commonly from the scalp) one unit at a time (See details.)

follicular unit grafting a surgical method utilizing stereoscopic microscopes to separate follicular units from the skin for use in hair transplantation. It is the gold standard in hair transplantation today (See details.)

graft a general term in hair transplant surgery to describe a small piece of skin containing hair follicles; it may contain a single hair follicle, a single follicular unit (1-4 hair follicles), or many follicular units

mega-session a hair transplant procedure involving the transplanting of at least 2000 follicular units during one surgery

micro-graft a graft containing one hair follicle

mini-graft a graft containing many follicular units; not cut with the use of a microscope these may result in a much less natural appearance

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