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Follicular unit transplants have ushered in a new era in surgical hair replacement. Hairs grow from the scalp in natural groups called follicular units, containing from one to four hairs. Follicular unit grafting is the transplanting or moving these units to the bald or thinning areas.

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Surgical Treatment of Hair Loss

New advances and refinements in technique have made surgical hair restoration an increasingly popular option for men and women seeking solutions for their hair loss.

Modern methods allow us to treat hair loss in a very natural way that can be undetectable to others.

Success is achieved in all stages of hair loss, ranging from the early years -- with thinning restricted to just the temples at the front or to the crown at the back of the head -- to advanced stages when only a fringe of hair remains.

Since not every individual is a surgical candidate, we will counsel you and offer guidance to a variety of other non-surgical methods that may be beneficial to you, including hair systems, camouflage products and medical treatment. You can expect complete honesty and candor from this office.

Experience You Can Trust
At Tessler & Aronovitz. P.C. we have been performing successful hair replacement procedures since 1974. The passing decades have afforded us the unique opportunity to survey the results of our work as our patients age. The enlightenment gained from this experience has contributed to our expertise in how to achieve satisfactory lifelong solutions.

Our experience and expertise mean we can promise you an honest, realistic appraisal of your particular situation and help you determine what is best for you.

The Secret Is In Your Genes
The most prevalent types of hair loss are inherited from either or both parents and can occur in both men and women. The age of onset varies, but this permanent hair loss follows specific patterns.

Each hair follicle or "root" inherits a genetic destiny for its growth pattern. It is programmed from conception to either grow throughout your life or to stop growing at a specific age. This type of hair loss in both men and women is thought to be associated with exposure to the naturally-produced hormone, dihydrotesterone (DHT).

Fortunately, most people retain a substantial amount of hair that inherited the persistent growth genes. These productive follicles make hair transplantation possible. Wherever they are placed these hair-producing follicles will continue to flourish. Only your own hair can be used. Your immune system would reject grafts donated from others.

The transplanted segments are removed from their original location on the back and sides of the head, called the donor site -- which is readily covered by the remaining hair and "re-rooted" in bald or thinning areas. Once the transplanted hair begins to grow, it can be washed, cut, styled, permed or colored as you desire.

Surgically exploiting this genetic phenomenon makes a head of naturally-growing hair a reality for countless men and women.

    We have been performing successful hair replacement procedures since 1974.

    We will give you an honest, expert opinion. If you are not a surgical candidate, we will tell you so.

    As pioneers in follicular unit transplantation, Drs. Tessler & Aronovitz helped open the door to a new era in hair replacement surgery. It is the foundation of our practice.

    Most doctors in our community recommend us. Ask your doctor who is the best.
»"It's nice to go to a place where everyone is professional and listens to your needs."

- S.H., age 64

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