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Follicular unit transplants have ushered in a new era in surgical hair replacement. Hairs grow from the scalp in natural groups called follicular units, containing from one to four hairs. Follicular unit grafting is the transplanting or moving these units to the bald or thinning areas.

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The final cost of acquiring the result you desire is determined by two factors: the number of grafts and the number of procedures.

Review this index to better understand the areas that may affect your cost.

Cost Index:

What Influences Cost
The following dynamics influence those numbers:
  • The extent of your hair loss
  • The size of the area that needs to be filled in
  • The amount of thickness you wish to achieve
  • How quickly you want to achieve your final goal

Some patients want to have as many grafts as possible transplanted at one time. Others chose a more gradual approach consisting of a group of smaller procedures, reducing the initial cost and allowing future consideration of how far to proceed.

Each follicular unit can contain up to four follicles and can be as low as $4.00 per follicular unit. The cost per graft is greatly reduced as the number of grapfts per procedure increases.

We assert that you will get more value for your money at our office than you will get at any of our competitors - including the so-called "bargain-priced" clinics. Financing is also available.

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Things to Consider
When you consider -- not the COST "PER GRAFT" -- but the COST PER GRAFT THAT GROWS, you cannot get a better value than you do with the vastly experienced, scientifically dedicated, compulsively artistic staff at Tessler & Aronovitz.

The price per transplanted graft may not be the price you ultimately pay if the procedure is not performed properly. You want to pay for each transplanted graft THAT GROWS HAIR. Additionally, you want that hair to be PROPERLY PLACED with the NATURAL DIRECTION OF GROWTH.

If you lose your grafts due to poor or careless technique, YOU HAVEN'T MERELY LOST YOUR MONEY; you have LOST FOREVER YOUR LIVING DONOR TISSUE, a limited, non-replaceable resource. These facts mean that many people end up PAYING MUCH MORE to so-called "bargain clinics" for each hair that actually grows.

The bottom line: The VALUE is where the EXPERTISE is.

We spare no expense in our goal of maintaining our reputation as "THE BEST". We have a large, highly trained staff, all dedicated to perfection and pleasing the patient. We do hair transplants 100 percent of our professional time. We use only the most current and powerful microscopes and operating lenses to separate the grafts and preserve the follicles, resulting in the full growth of the most natural appearing hair.

These qualities explain our enviable reputation and our long list of celebrity patients - particularly those who spend their lives in front of cameras.

We hope this helps you to make a more informed decision about what is best for you. If you acknowledge our reputation and history of success and you still seek a "bargain", we are probably not the right clinic for you.

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    We have been performing successful hair replacement procedures since 1974.

    We will give you an honest, expert opinion. If you are not a surgical candidate, we will tell you so.

    As pioneers in follicular unit transplantation, Drs. Tessler & Aronovitz helped open the door to a new era in hair replacement surgery. It is the foundation of our practice.

    Most doctors in our community recommend us. Ask your doctor who is the best.
»"It's nice to go to a place where everyone is professional and listens to your needs."

- S.H., age 64

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