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We are proud to announce the joining of Drs. Tessler & Aronovitz, P.C., The Hair Transplant Specialists with the Berry Dermatology and Robotic Hair Restoration Center. We are very proud to be working with Dr. Ali Berry, one of the most experienced doctors in the area for medical and surgical treatment of hair loss. The collaborative effort has created one of the most experienced and dedicated hair loss centers in America. The physicians, surgeons, nurses, technicians and estheticians can now offer the widest range of hair loss remedies possible.

We have often used combinations of the various modalities to achieve the best possible results. As such, we now offer hair transplants with the popular FUE technique using the most advanced ARTAS robotic technology and also continue to provide strip harvesting FUT. We also are now offering PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injections for hair regeneration and Micro Pigmentation to fill scars or thin donor hair.

Drs. Berry and Aronovitz will continue to provide high quality care that focuses on their shared values of honesty, integrity and fair treatment. Our pledge is to offer the best at a reasonable cost in a caring environment at our new location in Shelby Township. We look forward to helping you solve any and all forms of hair loss.
Follicular unit transplants have ushered in a new era in surgical hair replacement. Hairs grow from the scalp in natural groups called follicular units, containing from one to four hairs. Follicular unit grafting is the transplanting or moving these units to the bald or thinning areas.
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The ARTAS robotic Hair Restoration System was designed with you, the patient, in mind. Developed by leading hair restoration physicians and researchers. With the ARTAS Robotic Procedure, long incisions and stitches are not required, making your hair restoration procedure virtually undetectable. Patients can expect clinically proven results without the side effects and long recovery time common with older procedures.
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    We have been performing successful hair replacement procedures since 1974.

    We will give you an honest, expert opinion. If you are not a surgical candidate, we will tell you so.

    As pioneers in follicular unit transplantation, Drs. Tessler & Aronovitz helped open the door to a new era in hair replacement surgery. It is the foundation of our practice.

    Most doctors in our community recommend us. Ask your doctor who is the best.
»"It's nice to go to a place where everyone is professional and listens to your needs."

- S.H., age 64

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